Sonntag, 7. August 2016

It's cold here

I really like Japanese summer. Most Japanese think I'm crazy couse of this but at least there I don't freeze outside. The only cold places in japan summer are inside couse people tend to make the air conditioner as cold as possible and then they serve you a cold soup... couse it's summer (I really don't like that^^). But still im freezing less there.
Now I'm back in Germany and in the morning it's so damn the outside! The good thing is, I can take my time here with washing the summer clothes, I don't need them so much here :D
The last days we spent with much eating and buying things for home that we can't get here, like matcha latte. Also couse of original tone we could go to the cinema again. One time I took a break from shopping and was at a studio penta. It's a company where you can rent rooms on a hour basis for music rehearsal, so rent a room and a guitar and have fun. And no worries about neigbours couse of good isolation. Find those things is sometimes more complicated in Germany. But for me it was very easy couse my girlfriend helped me with booking. So sometimes my Japanese lack of things. But sometimes I also could understand much more than I thought. On my speaking skill I have to work more.
The flight back we couldn't sleep and watched much movies. Also we had one woman next to us who managed it to not stand up nor going to the toilet for the entire 12 hour flight! That women must have some steel bladder :D I can understand that when I'm much sleeping. But like this and most time awake is worth some respect :D
The holiday was nice again. I met new people and some people from other trips. Also the countryside was fun. I'm looking forward for the next time!

Dienstag, 2. August 2016

Nice spots, meat and cultures

Wow again some days passed and it's hard to keep up to date to what happened.
So I was in kobe and tastet my first kobe meat. For me it was an once in a live experience. The meat is really different from others and the preparation was at a nice setup. It's so soft and tasty. We bought 3 pieces for different prices and actually the most expensive was the softest. But the result for me is that for more times it is to expensive that I would say yeah I want to eat this every year. There are so many other things that are so tasty, which are much cheaper. So once in a life a nice thing but for me nothing more.
Back in tokyo we had our one year dating anniversary and we were back in yokohama. We tried out the yokohama land mark tower and damn that was a good choice! I really recommend that. We got up before it gets dark around 18:30 or so. So we saw yokohama and tokyo from above at daylight. Around 19 o clock it gets dark in summer in japan. And there the view was getting even better! The good thing is you can take your time up there couse they have a bar. So go up before it's getting dark, drink something and enjoy both bright and night sight of yokohama!
Also nice feature, the tower has the fastest elevator in japan ;-)
Today was my first yakiniku. You can grill your meat by yourself. It's very tasty. We were doing this with some former colleagues of my girlfriend. One of them had a guest from Finnland. So instead of much Japanese I talked more English and learned many things and could compare Finnland to Germany and Japan. It was pretty intressting for me couse I never met someone from Finnland before. New cultures can be fun. And so are the days here, much fun. But soon it will be over and daily life starts again. So I will enjoy my last days as much as possible :-)

Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Countryside of japan

The last days in Tokyo I was happy to see a friend from last year studying at genkijacs. It's really nice that we could see again in japan :-)
He is again studying there so I quickly jumped in and said hello to some of the teachers. I really can recommend them if you have the time, the money and the motivation to learn Japanese some weeks there.
After that we visited the the father of my girlfriend for some days. He lives in a small village in tokushima. There are many mountains! One day we did a nice adventure trip through the mountains and visited a valley and walked over an old style bridge which was originally build by samurais many years ago who lived in that area.
The countryside of japan is of course quite different from tokyo. Less people, less action, less stress. So basically we slept and ate much :D
Like in German countryside you really need a car in that area. But the cars here are much smaller. Not couse of the people, it's couse of the small roads in the villages. German cars can't pass through those. Also the mountain roads are easier to drive with a not so wide car. Anyway i think in Germany it got a little bit out of hands that even former smaller cars like Opel corsa or VW Polo got quite big and old parking spaces got much to small. So that trend didn't made it to countryside japan.
Also funny I found a restaurant called "Autobahn" in tokushima. But something like a autobahn was nowhere to find at our place :D
Really nice was one visit at a local ramen shop. You could eat fresh made ramen and udon with self grown ingredients and it was also cheap o.O
So over all, some days countryside was a nice idea. Now I'm sitting in the train back to tokyo. But we make a short stop at kobe to eat the famous meat there! I'm really looking forward to that :-)

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

Fujisan and surprise

Today we made a day trip to fujisan (fujiyama). It was a long trip but fun. On the way to the viewing spot we drove with an old style train. It was much shaking and slower but fun :-) on the way it also took stops so that you could see fujisan better.
We arived at lake kawaguchiko. From there we took a ropeway up the  katchikatchiyama mountain. At that mountain was a viewing spot where you normally can see fujisan very good. But today he was shy and hiding under some clouds. But it was still a nice view and fun!
At the evening we wanted to meet a friend and it turnt out to be a surprise party for us from the old band members of my girlfriend. It was so nice and so much good food in an Italian restaurant :-) also I somehow managed to understand more Japanese than I thought I would. Maybe all the learning slowly starts to pay out. But still it will be a long way to someday speak like in English. Anyway it was much fun and I'm glad for those moments :-)

Samstag, 23. Juli 2016

Back to the past

The first full day in Tokyo and suddenly much things to do.
First I was going with my girlfriend to the eye doctor and I could see how that looks. The doctors office is quite different from Germany. Much less space refers to much less rooms and somehow everything is in one room just divided by furniture and dividing walls. The machines are basically the same. The knowhow seems also be same standard like in Germany. And couse of the small place people don't talk so loud to give it a little bit of privacy.
Later we meet my girlfriends sister and we're at our favourite udon shop. It's so tasty there and I learned much Japanese from the sister. Even so it's hard to answer if suddenly someone asks something you didn't prepare in some textbook!
Suddenly my knee wanted to become worse again. I found out I wore the same shoes when the problem startet. I didnt wore them for long time. So we startet the adventure of finding shoes in my size. It's quite challenging. Some shops didn't had my size at all and others only some. But at the end we found some and walking is much better now. But my size was even there the biggest one. So if you have bigger feet than a European 45 than it will get really challenging.
Now to the top point of today. My girlfriend and me celebrated the day were we first met two years ago at that exactly place :-)

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

My fifth time

Wow time is running so fast!  I'm about to travel my fifths time to Japan. Two years ago was my first trip.
This time I'm traveling together with my girlfriend to meet friends and relatives.
The start of the trip is already good.
We got a free upgrade to premium economy! It's not business like last year in summer, but still better seats and service :-) I really like that airline!
The next 12 hours maybe will be a bit boring in the plane but I hope for good movies.
Also this trip we have a tight and intressting shedule. For example we will visit fujisan and we make a travel to the countryside of japan in tokushima. Also I'm looking forward to eat my first kobe beef!
But for now I settle with a fresh mint tea, search some Pokémon and wait for the flight to start :-)

Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Flying back again 又

Why does holiday is always so fast! Suddenly im sitting at the airport and enjoy my last Matcha Latte. Didn't I arrived just yesterday? I assume not but my feeling says otherwise.
I had a nice trip again. And saw a lot of things and met many new people. Even my Japanese seems to improve a little bit so I sometimes surprise people by understanding what's going on :D
I saw fukuoka, could travel together with my girlfriend, saw a Japanese house from the inside, ate many Japanese food.... by the way I love udon noodles. And at this one udon shop they thought I'm living there couse every time I'm around we eat there.
So long back to Germany. Tomorrow I can work again. Also this time the waiting for my girlfriend is not so long, so I'm looking forward to new adventures in Germany in the next month's!