My japanese wedding

So im back at home and finally there is time to write about my experience at my japanese wedding. 
We already did all the official parts in Germany, so in Japan we only did the party which was exactly the "hiroen" party (披露宴). But lets start a little bit earlier....

The Preperation Finding a place At first you have to find a place where you want to make the party. Japanese people normally check many places, often Hotels or other Buildings where people do mainly weddings. But since we live in Germany we had not so much time for that and checked much beforehand at the internet and in our holiday we were visiting one place. 
The Place we were visiting was gorgeous, actually it was like my wife was so excited and she liked it very much while i was very worried if we can afford such a place! 
When we arrived we got picked up by the staff and everything seemed to be luxurious, we checked the prices and found out how to make it less expensive like choosing not a weekend d…

Saitama and the matter of perspective

Today I was at Saitama with my wife to pick up a time capsule letter from an old friend who runs a nice small coffee shop in a side street. (if you are a coffee enthusiast check Limenas Coffee they have coffee from all over the world)
Saitama is direct to Tokyo. If you ask
Saitama and especially Tokyo people they would say Saitama is countryside.
The truth is 1.2 million people living in Saitama. That is bigger than Cologne or Duesseldorf and just slightly smaller than Munich which are some of the biggest city's in Germany. But what is big?
Once a friend of mine who lives more countryside in Germany told about the big city she is now working. I asked how much people living there and it was 30.000. By myself I'm living in a city with
350.000 people and though that 30.000 is no big at all! But probably it's just a matter of perspective. If you compare Tokyo with more than 12 million people with Saitama 1.2 million people. Then yes Saitama is really small and countryside. …

Osaki Station Area

So, I'm back to tokyo and a little bit I have trouble to write about new things couse many things I already discovered (I can't write about every karaoke session even if there are epic :D). But I'm staying in a different area than usual.
This time I'm at a hotel near osaki station. I'm actually surprised. I expected nothing but a near place to my wedding. But at the station there is the "Ohsaki New City" (I don't know why the hell there they wrote it with "h" and at the station without) so actually at the new west and new east exit of osaki station you have a nice area with a mall, many cafés and restaurants. Also it's not so crowded and if you still want the crowd it's pretty close to shibuya too.

How-to Tokyo

久しぶりです(hisashiburi desu) long time no see.
Soon i will travel my sixth time to Japan and since im having a wedding party there and some of my folks comming too i finally found motivation to write a short How-to Tokyo!
This How-To is highly based on my personal experiences and my way of doing things, so keep in mind there are probalby different ways of handling things.
At the end of the article is a small summary with some main tipps. So far i hope you enjoy my tipps and i will write soon from again from japan!

Where to stay There are several Hotels in Tokyo. Still its wise to book beforhand. Sometimes there are busy seasons especialy when the students apply for universitys many hotels are booked out.
Its wise to not stay near to the airport. Which part of the city depends a little on your intressts but anyway from every part you can easily visit the other districts with the train.
For me i liked the area around korakuen near tokyo dome the most couse of easy access and many restaura…

It's cold here

I really like Japanese summer. Most Japanese think I'm crazy couse of this but at least there I don't freeze outside. The only cold places in japan summer are inside couse people tend to make the air conditioner as cold as possible and then they serve you a cold soup... couse it's summer (I really don't like that^^). But still im freezing less there.
Now I'm back in Germany and in the morning it's so damn the outside! The good thing is, I can take my time here with washing the summer clothes, I don't need them so much here :D
The last days we spent with much eating and buying things for home that we can't get here, like matcha latte. Also couse of original tone we could go to the cinema again. One time I took a break from shopping and was at a studio penta. It's a company where you can rent rooms on a hour basis for music rehearsal, so rent a room and a guitar and have fun. And no worries about neigbours couse of good isolation. Find tho…

Nice spots, meat and cultures

Wow again some days passed and it's hard to keep up to date to what happened.
So I was in kobe and tastet my first kobe meat. For me it was an once in a live experience. The meat is really different from others and the preparation was at a nice setup. It's so soft and tasty. We bought 3 pieces for different prices and actually the most expensive was the softest. But the result for me is that for more times it is to expensive that I would say yeah I want to eat this every year. There are so many other things that are so tasty, which are much cheaper. So once in a life a nice thing but for me nothing more.
Back in tokyo we had our one year dating anniversary and we were back in yokohama. We tried out the yokohama land mark tower and damn that was a good choice! I really recommend that. We got up before it gets dark around 18:30 or so. So we saw yokohama and tokyo from above at daylight. Around 19 o clock it gets dark in summer in japan. And there the view was getting even bette…

Countryside of japan

The last days in Tokyo I was happy to see a friend from last year studying at genkijacs. It's really nice that we could see again in japan :-)
He is again studying there so I quickly jumped in and said hello to some of the teachers. I really can recommend them if you have the time, the money and the motivation to learn Japanese some weeks there.
After that we visited the the father of my girlfriend for some days. He lives in a small village in tokushima. There are many mountains! One day we did a nice adventure trip through the mountains and visited a valley and walked over an old style bridge which was originally build by samurais many years ago who lived in that area.
The countryside of japan is of course quite different from tokyo. Less people, less action, less stress. So basically we slept and ate much :D
Like in German countryside you really need a car in that area. But the cars here are much smaller. Not couse of the people, it's couse of the small roads in the villa…